Organized Chaos - by John Spears
"Organized Chaos" series is a visual interpretation by the artist describing the birth of the universe. The science of organize chaos concerns itself in random pattern that is found in nature. What seems like order, nature also contains variables that cannot be predicted. John Spears uses this approach to obtain these images. Using a blank silk screen he actually throws the paint onto the screen and uses the squeegee as a paintbrush. This spontaneity freezes the action of the paint onto the canvas resulting in images that are unpredictable and never seen before. It is the magic that is found in this approach to the silkscreen.
The Planets
"The Planets"
Organized Chaos 1
"Organized Chaos 1"
Creations 1
"Creations 1"
Seeds of Planets
"Seeds of Planets"
The Begining
"The Begining I"
Birth of a Star
"Birth of a Star"


"Origins of the Universe"
Big Bang
"Big Bang"
Solar Storm
"Solar Storm"
Nebula 2
"Nebula 2"
Super Nova
"Super Nova"

"The Beginning II"

"Blue Moon Rising"
The art of John Spears
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