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A Statement by the Artist About his Works:

"In my work, I attempt to explain and develop the nature of the silk screened image. The approach I use is to focus on the combination of pattern and color, and the resulting illusions they create."

"Pattern is a simple, single element repeated to form a coherent whole. Pattern is the basis of all composition. It is the beat in music, the threads in weaving, the bricks of a building. Pattern is evident in plants, waves, genes and snowflakes. Pattern is everywhere. It is the essential structure for all things, whether man or nature made. It is the way in which we create and learn, by repeating. It is the way we apprehend the world."

"In my paintings, I use the most basic elements of pattern: the circle, square, diamond and triangle. The results can be illusionary in the pure abstract as in the weaving series or a sense of realism as in the skyline series."

"Color is also a prominent factor in my work. In my paintings, colors may be opaque or transparent, hard or soft, dark or light. I find that using paints as if they were watercolors and oils, results in a complex arrangement that is richly three dimensional. This expressiveness with color creates mood for a work whether somber or joyful, meditative or exuberant."

"I stretch my curiosity of the medium of silk screen and to obtain results not seen before. I compose directly onto the canvas surface. Spontaneity is essential. I have discovered that the screen is as fluid and as commanding a tool as the paintbrush."

Available Now!
A ten minute video is available upon request
showing the process for commission work
and a number of past installations.
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  John Spears, The Artist

The Mural Art of John Spears
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